Event Security

Security Guards For Events

Event Security

Special events are particularly important to the individuals and businesses hosting them. This makes it necessary to assess any and all possible security risks, while planning such events. State-of-the-art surveillance systems and trained security guards help with analysing the vulnerabilities of venues, and overcoming them, for the safe execution of events.

At Citiguards Security limited, we are an award winning team of UK based security service providers, with years of expertise in providing event security services to ensure public safety. Our SIA (Security Industry Authority) licenced security guards are trained in accordance with BS 7499:2007. Further, they are sharp, skilled, smart, and dapper, making them suitable for stationing in high profile events, anywhere in London.

Whatever your security requirements, Citiguards Security limited can meet them with ease. Business conferences, local events, special parties in pubs, clubs, or hotels, concerts, sporting events, and charity drives, all come under the purview of event security management. We work with you through various stages of your event, starting with the initial assessment of your location’s vulnerability, to organising the necessary manpower, equipment (CCTVs and alarm systems), and administration in order to overcome the vulnerabilities. We also assist with the safe winding up of your event.

Citiguards Security limited security personnel are efficient, proactive, reliable, and approachable for eventgoers and organisers. They are capable of handling an array of security related responsibilities, ranging from providing front-of-the-house customer services, to managing the entry and exit points, backstage security systems, and chaos-free emergency evacuations. Our perceptive professionals are able to notice miscreants and antisocial elements, even from large crowds. Following the identification of possible security threats, our security guards respond very quickly with a precision guided protocol.  They are discreet, strong, agile, and capable of dealing with security breaches without creating scenes, disruptions, or delays.

Citiguards Security limited possesses the wherewithal to install CCTV cameras, vehicle tracking systems, biometric security booths, and canine guards at event venues. We have a team of over 5000 security professionals who can effectively cover large stadiums, music festivals, exhibitions, carnivals, and conferences, help with monitoring control rooms in huge venues, and assist in cash management during large scale public events.
At Citiguards Security limited, we strive to enhance our service delivery, health and safety standards, and client satisfaction, on a regular basis, through our feedback chains. Our event security London modules are further strengthened by our in-house training programs for security staff, which enables them to perform to their highest potential as individuals and team members.

We are available 24*7 to meet your security requirements, and all our security guards are conversant with overcoming any challenges that your venue might present.