Dog Handlers


Our onsite guard dog service has proved to be very efficient and a successful method of securing premises against would be vandals and thieves.

  • Professionally trained Dogs
  • SIA Licensed Dog Handler

Professional guard dog solutions for clients in London by professional security dog handlers using highly trained guard dogs.

The security dog handlers covering London fully comply with all UK laws regarding guard dog security such as:

• 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act
• BS7858:2006
• Guard Dogs Act 1975

The experts have high standards for security dog handlers to ensure a reliable and long lasting guard dog service for customers in London.

The team offer guard dogs patrols and security dog handlers for clients in London from workplaces and venues in the UK.



We provide a fully self-contained kennel to be placed on site for the dogs to be housed in. The kennel is fully enclosed with proper ventilation shafts inside, with an automatic mechanism so that the dogs can be released from outside the perimeter fence after the cessation of work at your premises by one of your staff, therefore providing INSTANT SECURITY.

Warning signs would be displayed around the perimeter of the premises giving added protection as well as notifying the general public that there are guard dogs on the premises.


Highly trained guard dogs accompanied by professional security dog handlers covering London.

The reliable security dog handlers alongside their guard dogs offer clients in London a cost effective, guard dog solution because guard dogs offer:

• Strong Visual Deterrent To Would Be Intruders
• Highly Tuned Canine Senses
• Effective Patrol Coverage Of Large Areas

The dog handlers have extensive experience in securing a wide range of venues and business environments for all types of clients.